These Babies Say ‘I Love You’ For The First Time. Could There Be Anything More Touching Than THIS?

The most important thing we should tell people who truly matter to us is we love them. Okay, it’s awesome to show it through sweet and thoughtful gestures–that is beyond question. But, things seem more profound and magical when you utter the words “I love you” in front of them (complete with a kiss plus the tightest hug). It’s like reassuring them that you are sincere about what you feel.

And, folks, the effect that it has on all of us! When people tell us that they love us, don’t we get all the feels? Right then and there, we’re drowning in all these crazy emotions we can’t really describe. The day seems brighter, and life becomes less toxic. Just the most amazing thing in the world!

In relation to all the things we’ve already discussed, I just thought of tickling your heart (as well as your tear ducts) today. How? By showing you a compilation video of babies saying the words I LOVE YOU for the first time.

Watch the touching video on the next slide!

This is going to be quite an emotional ride, so brace yourselves.

Video by YouTube/funnyplox

Watching these babies say “I love you” back to their parents is a little bit too much for my fragile heart. I think it just melted and completely dissolved into nothingness. They’re just but little angels who are still struggling to speak, yet they’re already making an effort to show their moms and dads how much they appreciate them.

If you think this clip is what the world needs today (if it isn’t I don’t know what is), please don’t hesitate to share!

Featured Image by YouTube/funnyplox