Dad Has Alzheimer’s And Can’t Remember. Then Son Starts Singing His Favorite Song!

In this video, Simon a.k.a “Mac” McDermott, 40, drives around the city with his father, Ted, in the passenger seat. The sweet duo sings the song “Quando, Quando, Quando” together, but there’s something special in particular about these moments; Ted has Alzheimer’s.

In many cases of people with Alzheimer’s, there are certain triggers which “bring them back”, if only for a few moments. For Ted, it is music. In 2013, the 79-year-old was diagnosed with dementia. For the vast majority of his life, he had performed for audiences throughout the entirety of England; singing and entertaining, even after he married and had children.

Unfortunately for the past few years, his memory has gone downhill, with it being more and more difficult to recognize those he loves, and even experiencing angry episodes.”

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