How A Disney Movie Helped This Kid With Autism Gain Identity And Autonomy!

Cornelia and Ron Suskind had the image of ideal life with their child Owen, until one, Owen quit talking, quit showing feelings, and appeared to be disinterested for things around him.

Specialists determined the baby to have regressive autism. The family needed to reclassify what their version of a usual life might be. “We were shocked. The specialist began to explain, ‘alright, this is going to change your life. He may never recover his speech again. Many of the children don’t,'” Ron told.

His parents were broken. And one day, Owen started rehashing a bizarre word, “Jucervus,” it seemed like. They thought he needed juice until they found the baby watching The Little Mermaid. In the movie, the horrible Ursula says she’ll joyfully give the mermaid Ariel a set of legs yet the cost would be, “Just your voice,” the character says.

“I took Owen and say, ‘Just your voice!’ and he looks at me after a long time and says, ‘Jucervus,'” Ron said. “The silence broke out in the room.'”

Like Ariel, Owen, as well, had lost his voice, however with the assistance of Disney’s animated movies; he would soon get it back. Owen, Ron, and Cornelia remembered a significant number of the films, characters, and their voices by heart. They would utilize this to communicate with him. Maybe, Owen could talk again.

20 years later, Owen lives all alone and has a job.

“He changed, but we just needed to realize who he was.”

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