Newborn Twins Think They’re In The Womb… Now Watch The Baby On The Left!

Ever wonder what goes on in the womb? A strange thing to think about, I know! But babies spend nine months in that dark, cramped space, and it’s interesting to think about what that’s like. This pair of twins gives us a glimpse into that life in this video.

This mother is giving her two newborn twin babies a bath in the sink, and the two young ones seem to think they’re back in the womb! They curl up against each other, hugging and cuddling as they would if they were still in mommy’s tummy. It’s an adorable spectacle, but it’s also really interesting to see how they naturally become when in the water.

Once babies are born, everything becomes so much louder and clearer. Being in the water must feel very quiet and peaceful to the babies in a usually very overwhelming environment. The warm water probably brings back a lot of memories for these two.

Take a look at this video!

From this video, it seems that a lot happens in the womb! The twins move around, hug each other, and flex their little arms. The fascinating sight really makes you wonder what it’s like being in there! Did you find this video interesting? Give it a like and share it around if you did!

Feature Image Source: Rochel Sonia