These Father-Daughter Illustrations Might Just Make You Hug Your Dad Even Tighter

Fathers may look tough in the outside, but inside, they got hearts that could love unconditionally. Apart from their being great providers, they’re also the best protectors their children could ever have. They would sacrifice their own lives just to make sure their kids are safe and sound.

What you’re about to see are watercolor paintings by a talented artist named Snezhana Soosh. They perfectly show a father’s love to his daughter, and they’re nothing short of heartwarming. The art pieces only have this one, important message to tell the world: DADS ROCK.

No matter how busy he is, he’ll always make time for you.

He doesn’t mind your sleeping next to him though it’d mean less space for his massive built.

He’ll play chess with you (and would deliberately make you win just to please you).

Leaving is always… always… the hardest thing for him to do.

No matter how tired he is…

He’s constantly down for all the weird things you make him do.

He’s just the sweetest person on this face of the planet!

He teaches you things you’ll definitely treasure your whole life.

Ugh, he’s so cool, isn’t he???

Who said dad can’t fix your pretty hair?

He doesn’t mind doing an on-the-spot puppet show for you.

He makes sure you sleep tight… though it’d mean his not having enough sleep himself.

He’s down for just anything. Name it, he’ll do it for you. He’s like a genie who can grant all your wishes.

He loves you so much he can wear momma’s clothes to let you know he’ll always be on your team.