This Dad Used Halloween Costume To Set A Parenting Example For Every Dad In The World!

Can you guess what a three-year-old boy would like to dress up for Halloween? I think that won’t be “Elsa” from Disney’s Frozen. But that is precisely what little Caiden likes to be – and his father agrees with that.

“For Halloween, kids are pretending to be their most loved characters. So this Halloween, my son is a princess,” wrote Caiden’s dad, Paul Henson, in a Facebook post. He also had some words for people who think that boys can’t dress up in women’s clothes. “Keep your masculine bulls..t and slutty kids costumes.”

“When we let Caiden to make his own decisions, he decided to be Elsa”

“He additionally wants me to be Anna”

“Keep your masculine bullshit and slutty kids costumes, Halloween is about kids pretending to be their most loved characters”

“Simply that happens, this week he is a princess”