This Daughter Just Did The Most Amazing Thing For Her Stepdad!

While she was growing up, Lizzie Timmons spent much of her life without a father. While she cherished her grandfather, a father was something the others kids had that she desired. She would see companions at school spending time with their fathers and covet the connections they had. And then her mother got married. While some children have violent relationship with their stepparents, Lizzie respected Bill, her mom’s husband, and welcomed him in their home and heart. The following 18 years were like a dream for her

Lizzie wrote in a letter to him for Father’s Day: “You were there for my first dance and my first date. You were there for my first injury. When I was sick, you took me to the doctor, held me when I cried, and constantly ensured I was taken care of. You walked me down everywhere and were there when my kids were born.”

Bill had no clue that he was going to read something sweet as this letter from his stepdaughter for Father’s Day. Lizzie sat anxiously on the bed, biting her bottom lip, as she anticipated his response. And then he opened her second letter: a formal letter requesting Bill to adopt her. He was surprised.

“I couldn’t get anything better than this,” Bill said.

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