This Guy Right Here Is The Coolest Dad In The World Right Now!

Benny Harlem is a musician, songwriter, model and amazing dad to his 6-year-old daughter Jaxyn. Because of their special bond and unique styles, they’re gaining more and more attention. This amazing father shows a great example to his daughter of how to embrace your heritage and show confidence in everything you do. He says that his job is to grow and protect his child. By showing so much care and attention, Benny hopes that his daughter will grow up in strong and confident person.

This duo doesn’t only share their beautiful daughter-father love, but they both rock amazing hairdos. Jaxyn looks happy and very confident in her own skin, and we can’t deny that his dad is doing a great job.

“Fatherhood is an honor and miracle”

“The nobility of her character is my only concern. I always teach her to request respect”

“I teach her to love herself first, because she’s a beautiful small girl who’s going to be a pretty woman”

“I really want to prepare her for life in order to protect her”

“I’m her hero”

“I always put her on first place. When she loves herself first, later the love will align in her relationships, friendships…”

“I never go without her. If we continuously water and nourish them, our seeds grow in the upward direction”

“If parents pay attention to their kids, they continuously grow”