Video: This Kid Learned To Love Himself After Parents Get Divorced!

Some marriages end up sadly, but as people say, it’s much better to have two separate homes where Mom and Dad are both cheerful than to have one home where things are falling apart. While separation can be the right choice, it can likewise be very heartbreaking. For 13-year-old Billy, his mother and father’s separation turned around his whole life. Their child began acting on in school, put on weight and the greater part of all, he hated his home. He would tell his dad that he wasn’t his loving father any longer since he moved away. Billy was mad, confounded, and didn’t know what to do with his son.

His mom, Sherry brought Billy onto The Oprah Winfrey Show. He and other kids of divorce parents got together in a classroom to talk about how they felt. At that moment, Billy explained why he was acting out like that.

“I truly miss my father and I wish he’d come back,” Billy sorrowfully admitted. However, his dad wasn’t returning home for all time. A year after uncovering what was truly in his heart, Billy improved numerous progressions. He got his grades back up; he comprehended his parents’ separation better, and felt safe at home once more.

One day, his mom was shocked when Billy laid down next to her and said, “Mom, I truly like who I am.” There is nothing sweeter than that.

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